Most people who want a massage always opt for deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage as they go to the spa. However, you should try other types of massages sometimes. Below are some of the massage therapies that you need to try aside from the usual massages you’ve got before: 


Thai massage 

This type of massage can be done while fully clothed on the floor using a thick cotton mat. The therapist will use pressure and passive stretching along the energy lines of the body to relieve joint and muscle tension and to increase flexibility. The therapist will literally utilize one’s entire body during the procedure. You need to be prepared and be comfortable with contact.  


Watsu is done in a pool, which is heated similarly to your body temperature. And this massage is very soothing. You will be wearing bathing suits with your therapists and wear floats to help you float. The therapist will twirl and cradle you through the water, vice versa, which takes your body through different twists and passive stretches.  

Lomi lomi massage 

This is a traditional type of Hawaiian massage that has a profoundly spiritual component. Lomi lomi massage came from Hawaii, making it popular in any Hawaiian spas and it is already spread and can also be found all over the world. By tradition, lomi lomi was done by servants of royalty, warriors, native healers, and family members. 

Lava shell massage 

This type of massage is one way to receive heat. The therapist will utilize extremely polished shells that remain to be hot for approximately one hour because of the chemical reactions of saltwater, algae, and minerals that can be found in the shell. Expect the pressure to be light and the therapist does not need to change the stones frequently compared to stones. Hence, it will totally be an experience that can extremely help you relax. 


If you like having deep tissue massage, you can opt for ashiatsu– Ashi (foot) atsu (pressure). This massage therapy is done by massaging someone’s feet and this is one means of getting an even deeper work. The therapist will use his/her bodyweight to perform this massage. This is recommended to improve your neglected areas like the back of your arms, calves, and hamstrings.  

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