Here’s a list of the most well-known massages you must try yourself. These are proven and tested to provide several health benefits and can improve yourself as an individual: 

Swedish Massage 

This type of massage is one of the most popular among all and it is great for those who are new to the massage world. During the procedure of this therapy, a massage therapist will apply oils to do gliding and smooth strokes through your entire body. Expect to lie down partly naked under the sheets while getting this therapy. But, rest assured that the only body parts that are exposed are those that will be massaged. 

Deep tissue massage 

This therapy utilizes several similar techniques and movements like a Swedish massage. However, the therapist will mainly focus on working the muscle’s deeper tissue structures and connective tissue. Also, it’s a massaged that’s focused type since the therapists will intend to release knots— known as adhesions—and release chronic muscle tension. A lot of people anticipate this kind of therapy to be an hour of the session of intense pain and pressure, though it’s counterproductive.  

Relaxation Massage 

This massage has indeed several health benefits to offer. Your massage therapist for this massage would possibly avoid deeper work and facilitate slower to prevent the client from having uncomfortable pain. A relaxation massage would be recommended for beginners or if you are sensitive to pain. You can also get this message if you have received a deep tissue massage before.  

Aromatherapy Massage 

This massage is basically a deep tissue or Swedish massage where the oils used to massage has been mixed with essential oils like geranium, peppermint, or lavender to help alleviate pain and affect your mood. Aromatherapy massage will be more effective if the therapist will utilize therapeutic and high-quality essential oils mixed to tailor your particular need.  

Couples massage 

In this therapy, two people will be massaged at the same time, in the same room, done by two therapists. This will be perfect for wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend, moms and daughters, best friends, or even same-sex partners. The setting for the session could differ, which could be a simple room that’s sufficiently big to place two tables to a bigger spa suite. During the couple’s massage, you can either talk freely or keep quiet to be more relaxed.  

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