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John and Mary's Memories
Match cards around the world!

John and Mary's Memories John and Mary's Memories

Play John and Mary's Memories game for one hour

Release Date: April,13 2009
Game Genre: Arcade & Action
Game Size: 42.43 MB
Game Rank: 5788
Game Index: 4.0.0

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Follow John and Mary as they travel around the world and solve exciting matching games! Collect tons of souvenirs!

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John and Mary's Memories

Join John and Mary as they travel around the entire world solving exciting levels by matching souvenir cards. This Memory game lets you learn fun facts about each of the cities you visit, collect tons of knick-knacks, and send postcards to all of your friends and family back in America! Use your memory as best you can to progress through their travels. Will you be able to unlock them all and learn all about John and Mary’s Memories?

  • Fun gameplay
  • Card flying fun
  • Travel the world!

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Game Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 512 Mb
HDD: 48 Mb
DirectX: 6.0

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